Empowering underprivileged communities
to fulfill their full potential in the tech industry.

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How I got Involved

Silicon Valley is a hotbed of innovation and genius, but it still struggles with diversity and unconscious bias. I wanted to promote diversity so we can stay ahead as a nation.

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Underprivileged communities, especially those of color, lack the resources and opportunities to obtain the technical skills and networks essential succeeding in the tech industry. That's when I ran into Streetcode Academy.

We investigate the untapped genius of our community by:

  • Providing free high-quality, quarterly tech education classes
  • Teaching fundamental coding practices and programming skills
  • Nurturing a strong entrepreneurship mindset
  • Expanding each individual's creativity
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    I became a volunteer instructor for two of their classes and taught children aged 7-12 basic programming and engineering design to nurtur their curiosity to explore technology.

    Streetcode Academy

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    Streetcode Academy is a nonprofit that is more than another coding class. It is a community-based ecosystem in East Palo Alto to bridge the digital divide in Silicon Valley and empower underprivileged communities with the skills, mindsets, and networks to diversify and succeed in the tech industry.

    It operates with a very special model of connecting young people to their talents, to jobs, and to a bright future through a support system of leaders from their own community.

    Streetcode offers many classes that teach not only modern coding skills but also non-programming related topics, such as entrepreneurship, computer literacy, and more. Above all, Streetcode strives to instill an undying curiosity towards technology in all of its students.

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