The Department of Defense's sole team
for providing drones to our troops and
protecting them from drone threats.

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The Dowding Story

In 2017, ISIS began using comercially available drones to drop grenades on troops. The Department of Defense (DoD) needed a quality, modern solution to detect and protect against them. So we built Dowding.

Dowding homepage

Dowding fuses various data sources into a central interface that law enforcement and national defense forces can use to detect and track drone incursions in realtime. I helped build it as a Software Engineer.

We built Dowding on these principles:

  • Realtime detecting, tracking, and alerting
  • Mobile-Centric
  • Built with a modern tech stack
  • Clean, minimal UI's that our users love
  • (Fun Fact: Dowding was named for the Dowding System, the world’s first integrated air defense system that helped win the Battle of Britain)

    About Rogue Squadron

    Rogue Squadron Logo

    Rogue Squadron is the DoD's premier UAS/Counter-UAS team, focused on detecting, penetration testing, and hardening commercially available drones for national defense use.

    We're the only organization with the resources and capability to meet immediate operational needs around drones, and we have been providing support to over 200 organizations across the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Interior, and Justice as well as allied partners.

    Rogue Squadron was originally part of the Defense Innovation Unit. In March 2020, RS went through a successful acquisition by the Defense Digital Service (DDS).

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